Devorah Baum

Dr Devorah Baum is Associate Professor in English Literature at the University of Southampton.  She is the author of Feeling Jewish: a book for just about anyone (Yale University Press) and The Jewish Joke: an essay with examples (less essay, more examples) (Profile), co-director of the creative documentary feature film The New Man, and guest editor of the special issue of Granta #146 on 'The Politics of Feeling'.  She has written for a range of publications including The New York TimesThe GuardianThe Financial TimesTate Etc.  She is currently writing a book about marriage, and she is currently married.
Feeling Jewish (A Book For Just About Anyone)

Why are ‘negative’ feelings such as self-hatred, guilt, resentment, paranoia, hysteria, and overbearing mother-love characterised as ‘Jewish’? In her sparkling debut, Devorah Baum delves into film, fiction and psychoanalysis. In so doing, she explores what it’s like to be a Jewish woman, shining a light on cultural icons from Groucho Marx to Freud, to examine what it’s like to feel Jewish, even when you’re not.

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