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David Thomson

Born and raised in London, David Thomson taught Film Studies at Dartmouth College. He is a regular contributor to the New York Times and Independent. He is the acclaimed author of one of the greatest books on cinema, The New Biographical Dictionary of Film, plus Rosebud - The Story of Orson Welles; The Whole Equation - A History of Hollywood; and Sleeping with Strangers - How the Movies Shaped Desire. He lives in San Francisco.
Warner Bros and the Making of the American Dream
David Thomson is arguably the world’s greatest living film critic and writer on the movies. His New Biographical Dictionary of Film was voted by Sight and Sound the best book on film ever written. His latest book, Warner Bros, charts the history of the ultimate family business, taking us behind the scenes of the legendary Warner Brothers film studio, where Harry, Albert, Sam and Jack, unschooled immigrants, turned themselves into the moguls and masters of American fantasy. Out of their stud...
David Thomson: Movie Directors
  Over the last century our sense of what a director is or should be has shifted from a functionary to an important part of a wider team to the artist in charge. But now, which casual viewer could tell you who directed prestige TV shows like The Sopranos or Breaking Bad? Who better to take us from Fritz Lang, Alfred Hitchcock and Howard Hawks to Jane Campion, Stephen Frears and Spike Lee than David Thomson, described by the Booker-winner John Banville as “the greatest writer on ...