David Mazower

David Mazower is an editor with the Newshour programme on BBC World Service. He writes on Jewish history, Jewish art and Yiddish culture, and is the author of Yiddish Theatre in London.  He is currently working on a book about the Yiddish actress Fanny Epstein.
Jane Rogoyska Gerda Taro and photojournalism

Pioneering photographer Gerda Taro died in combat in the Spanish Civil war, aged 26. She did not live to see her partner Robert Capa become the world’s most celebrated photojournalist. Seventy years after her death a suitcase was found containing thousands of negatives, revealing that photographs that had been attributed to Capa were in fact hers. Writer and filmmaker Jane Rogoyska explores the short brilliant life of Gerda Taro and her relationship with Capa.