David Cohen

David Cohen is a film maker, writer and occasional publisher. His The Escape of Sigmund Freud studied how Freud left Vienna. He is finishing a film on the childhood of the poet Ted Hughes. Current publishing include How to Cook Your Husband The African Way.
Meet the Author: David Cohen
David Cohen’s People Who Have Stolen From Me (2004) is the story of two Johannesburg businessmen surviving violence and corruption. Published to coincide with the tenth anniversary of apartheid’s demise in South Africa, it is a social exploration of the nation’s new democratic system – as reflected in the corruption at a Johannesburg furniture store and considers the factors that motivate both victims and perpetrators. In this session, D...
Freud’s Escape from Vienna
Freud escaped from Vienna with the help of a good Nazi Anton Sauerwald who in his spare time made bombs. In the book The Escape of Sigmund Freud David Coehn tells the story of their relationship. Sauerwald organised the removal of all Freud’s belongings from Vienna which is why you see the real analytic couch in the Freud Museum in Hampstead. Very unjustly Sauerwald was accused of war crimes after the war. He also talks about Freud’s experiments with cocaine which are the subject ...
Andrew Sachs I Know Nothing

Andrew Sachs came to the UK with his parents aged eight and will forever be associated with Manuel the Spanish waiter, a role he created in the cult television show Fawlty Towers. Now aged 83, the actor tells his life story, from growing up in Nazi Berlin to the making of a British TV landmark and the intrusion into his privacy of phone calls he received from Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross in 2008.