Jewish Book Week 2023 Saturday 25 February - Sunday 05 March | Tickets now on sale

Rabbi Professor Jonathan Magonet

Rabbi Prof. Jonathan Magonet is Emeritus Professor of Bible at Leo Baeck College. He has co-edited the prayer books of the UK Movement for Reform Judaism and is editor of the journal European Judaism. In addition to his books on Biblical commentary he has published a novel Netsuke Nation: Tales from another Japan and his collected poems: Ghost Walk.
Healing the World: Noreena Hertz, Justice Albie Sachs

Do Jews have a particular responsibility to enact Tikkun olam, healing the world? In this session, Dr Noreena Hertz, leading anti-globalisation advocate, and Justice Albie Sachs, a leader in the struggle against apartheid, discussed the decisions that have led to lives lived on the frontline of the struggle for justice and human rights, and explored to what extent their Jewish identity has influenced them in their activism.

In Conversation with the Bible

To mark the publication of his latest book of reflections on the Bible, A Rabbi Reads the Torah, and Welcome to the Cavalcade, a Festschrift in honour of his 70th birthday, Jonathan Magonet will discuss with novelist and critic Gabriel Josipovici their shared fascination with the text of the Hebrew Bible, with the craft of interpretation and the art of “writing with Scripture”.

Bible Stories from Within
Please note that this event has moved from a previously advertised date and time. They are often most familiar as the simplified versions we learn as children; yet Bible stories are the products of a highly developed literary culture. Rabbi Jonathan Magonet, Emeritus Professor of Bible at Leo Baeck College and author of How Did Moses Know He Was A Hebrew, is joined by author and academic Gabriel Josipovici and Rabbi Zahavit Shalev of New North London S...