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Joe Craig

School Day: Morris Gleitzman, Joe Craig & Marion Baraitser

Schools were invited to bring their pupils to meet Morris Gleitzman who spoke about storytelling, Joe Craig, exciting new author of a thriller that raises questions of ethics, politics and genetics and take part in a session on the graphic novel with Marion Baraitser.

The Joe Craig Show
Packed houses at festivals, bookshops and schools across the world have experienced ‘The Joe Craig Show’. His tall tales, improvised stories, and surprising theories about writing have enthralled and entertained audiences every bit as much as his Jimmy Coates books. Every ‘Joe Craig Show’ is different, This one will included the World Premiere of his 5th thriller, Jimmy Coates: Survival. At 27, Joe Craig is already bracketed alongside Horowitz and Higson as one of “...
Jimmy Coates at Little Bookniks

Joe Craig is the creator of the Jimmy Coates series featuring a twelve-year-old boy who discovers one day that he is only 38% human. Created by a government-sponsored lab to gro into the ultimate secret agent when he turns 18, Jimmy has dicovered his powers much earlier. Enjoy a sneak-peak at the long awaited seventh installment of the series Jimmy Coates – Black Out