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Rachel Johnson

Rachel Johnson is the former editor-in-chief of The Lady magazine. She is an author, journalist and presenter.
Winter Games
Winter Games is a novel with echoes of the Mitfords, with a dark secret at its heart. Set in pre-crash London, 2006, and Munich, 1936, it follows Francie Fitzsimon, 18, as she tries to find out what happened when her English grandmother went off to Bavaria to “be finished” and found herself with a front row seat in history. Rachel Johnson, journalist and Editor-in-Chief of The Lady magazine, came to Jewish Book Week to talk about the inspiration and research behind her first hist...
It’s About Bloody Time

Award-winning broadcaster and journalist Emma Barnett loathes her period. But there’s something she loathes even more: not being able to talk about it. In conversation with Rachel Johnson, Emma draws on female experiences that will make you laugh, weep and (possibly) squirm, in a fierce rallying cry to smash this ridiculous taboo once and for all. Because it’s about bloody time. Period.