Paul Mason

Paul Mason has been a correspondant for the BBC since 9/11 and has since become one of the BBC\'s first bloggers and has twice been nominated for the Orwell Prize. His latest book, Why It\'s Kicking Off Everywhere is an incisive grassroots account of the new global revolutions and was described by Phil Harrison of Time Out as \'lively, funny and engaging\'
The 99% -The Social Justice Movement in Israel
18 months ago the Social Justice Movement started in Israel, also known as ‘J14’ after the date of its inception, July 14th. The protest was unique in the country’s recent history; leaderless, well-informed and nationally unifying. What began as a small protest against rising housing prices in Tel Aviv quickly resonated throughout the country, culminating in a march of almost half a million and a covenant for social equality created by activists, academics and members of the business c...