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Barbara E Mann

Barbara Mann is the Stephen J. Hoffman Professor in Modern Hebrew Language and Literature at Case Western Reserve University.  She is the author of A Place in History: Modernism, Tel Aviv and the Creation of Jewish Urban Space (Stanford, 2006) and Space and Place in Jewish Studies (Rutgers, 2012).
The Object of Jewish Literature
With the rise of digital media, the ‘death of the book’ has been widely discussed. But the physical object itself persists. Here, through the lens of materiality and objects, Barbara Mann tells a history of modern Jewish literature, from novels and poetry to graphic novels and artist’s books, offering a new frame for understanding how literary genres emerge. Called, “original and finely instructive” by Robert Alter, Mann is in conversation with acclaimed poet and li...
Constructs of Place: What makes cities tick?

What shapes a city’s identity? Who defines it? Is New York about individualism or community? Is Jerusalem about religion, conflict or cafés? This session looked at cities as diverse as these, plus Hong Kong, Berlin and Tel Aviv – at their DNA, and how it changes through migration, politics and globalisation.