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Michael Arditti

Michael Arditti is the prize-winning author of ten works of fiction and one collection of short stories, including Of Men and Angels, Easter, The Breath of Night and The Enemy of the Good. Michael reviews for several newspapers and appears regularly on BBC Radio 4.
Writing to Change the World

Here were three writers not afraid to tackle serious issues: racism and homophobia, the right to die, the meaning of art, the absurdity of cycles of vengeance, faith and religion – and much more. Their novels are gripping, generous and thought provoking. They discussed the role of literature and its impact on our lives.

The Origins
Both Agnès Desarthe and Fabrice Humbert have written novels about men embarking on a difficult investigation into their own past and the secrets that were kept from them, both taken back to the horrors of WW2. In Fabrice Humbert’s novel, The Origin of Violence, the trigger is a photograph seen during a visit to Buchenwald concentration camp. In Agnès Desarthe’s The Foundling, it is a fatal accident. The two novelists spoke to Michael Arditti about their fascination...
The Anointed
Novelist Michael Arditti re-tells the story of King David through the prism of three of David’s wives: Michal, a princess; Abigail, a wealthy widow; and Bathsheba, a solder’s bride. David, the hero who slew Goliath and founded Jerusalem, described by Josephus in the first century as a man ‘of excellent character and endowed with all the virtues that were desirable in a king’ is instead presented as a vicious despot who eliminates his rivals and menaces his harem, or i...