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Dennis Marks

Dennis Marks is a writer, broadcaster, filmmaker and seasoned traveller. Hespent seven years in charge of BBC Television’s Music Department and five years as Director of the ENO. His current projects involve works on Joseph Roth, Sir Michael Tippett and the history of Jews in the Ottoman Empire.
Tales from Two Ends of the Sephardi World

Cultural historian Hilary Pomeroy revealed the enchanted world of abducted princesses and  power-crazed kings of the ballads sung by Moroccan Sephardi women, based on poems from Spain before the expulsion of Jews 500 years ago. Israeli diva Yasmin Levy will sing some of them. Social anthropologist Bea Lewkowicz presents stories from Salonika, a once thriving Sephardi community annihilated by the Nazis, but whose collective memory is kept alive by the narratives she has gathered.

The Search for Joseph Roth
The Austrian writer Joseph Roth was born in 1894 on the dusty edge of Eastern Europe. He died, forty four years later in a Paris sanatorium, a rootless, stateless alcoholic. In between he wrote 15 novels and novellas, and some of the most potent and evocative journalism of the 1920s and1930s. His writings conjure up a world of shattered kingdoms and displaced persons. In this psycho-geography Dennis Marks traveled through Austria and Ukraine in search of a great author who was both a c...