Daniel Hahn

Daniel Hahn is a writer, editor and translator. His translations include novels by José Eduardo Agualusa and José Luís Peixoto, and non-fiction ranging from Portuguese Nobel literature laureate José Saramago to Brazilian footballer Pelé. He has been a judge of The Independent Foreign Fiction Prize (a prize he won in 2007) and is currently chair of the Translators Association and interim director of the British Centre for Literary Translation.
The Ultimate Book Guides

The editors of The Ultimate Book Guide joined us at JBW 2010 as well as not one, but two much loved children’s writers, former Children’s Laureate, Anne Fine and Carnegie prize winning Meg Rosoff. They shared their favourite books and suggested a treasure trove of new reading.

Translating Anne Frank

Most of Anne Frank’s readers come to her diary through a translation. How much has this affected our experience of this iconic piece of writing? How much is the voice we feel we know so well really the creation of her translators? Two prize-winning Dutch-English translators produced independent versions of a passage of Anne’s diary (without consulting one another!), and presented, compared, discussed and defended their rival versions in front of a JBW audience.