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Debbie Chazen

Debbie Chazen is a comedian and actress. Her credits include Mike Leigh’sTopsy Turvy; the BBC sketch show Tittybangbang; Doctor Who;Coronation Street;and the stage version of Calendar Girls.
American Tales: Grace Paley, ‘Goodbye and Good Luck’

In her first story, published in 1959, Grace Paley portrays the exuberant narrator Rose Lieber as she tells her niece about life in the Yiddish Theatre of 1900s New York, the story of her lifelong love affair with one of the actors and her 50-year fight against the inevitability of marriage.

Sex, Lies and Regal Japes; The story of Esther, the sex-crazed king and his evil counsellor
A Purim Spiel, with a contemporary twist, bringing a little bit of Persia to Bloomsbury, with a backbeat of Iranian rhythms and all hosted by our favourite modern-day Sheherazade, David Schneider. Unmasking the Book of Esther we revealed the story behind the story of Purim, hatching all-new conspiracy theories and, in the spirit of the festival, blurring boundaries between good and evil, sacred and profane. Bringing the world of inversions, masks and hidden meanings to life was our all-star c...
True Tales

The totally true storytelling club returned for JBW 2011. We selected some of our favourite writers who revealed true moments of beauty, awkwardness, tragedy and hilarity all packaged in 10-minute stories and told with no notes. JBW 2011 theme was ‘Close Call’.