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Emily Maitlis

Emily Maitlis is an award-winning journalist who, as part of the core presenting team on Newsnight (BBC2) – including a recent stint as their Political Editor – and as a regular News Channel anchor, is one of the most recognized faces on television news. She also works alongside David Dimbleby and Jeremy Vine covering all General, Local and US elections.

George Webber Evening: Sixty Years On
JBW 2012 celebrated the 60th Anniversary of Jewish Book Week. When the first Jewish Book Week took place, memories of the War were painfully fresh and Israel a fragile idealistic fledgling state; It was the year Queen Elizabeth came to the throne and The Diary of Anne Frank was published in English. The world has changed in more ways than we could have foreseen: religion is openly criticised, we live in a multicultural society, Israel has still not achieved peace with its neighbours an...
An Exclusive Interview with James Rubin

James P Rubin was a senior media advisor to Hilary Clinton in the latter part of her election campaign. An analyst, consultant and commentator on international affairs and US foreign policy and advisor to both Clintons, he possesses in-depth knowledge and understanding of US politics and the world stage. A highly influential broadcaster, writer and journalist, he talks to Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis about his many public roles, past and present, and his global vision for the future.

How to Combat Antisemitism
Deborah Lipstadt’s trial against Nazi sympathiser David Irving was a landmark victory for social justice and historical truth. But now anti-Jewish violence is back in the headlines. She’s here to help us understand why – and what we can do about it. American historian Deborah Lipdstadt has dedicated her life to the fight against the far-right. She was sued by Holocaust denier David Irving for calling out his toxic ideology – and won. Rachel Weisz played her in ...
Jewish Voices
The grand finale of Jewish Book Week 2019, in partnership with World Jewish Relief, is a celebration of the power of words. A stellar line-up, featuring Henry Goodman, Nicholas Hytner, Jason Isaacs, Brian Leveson, Emily Maitlis, Simon Sebag Montefiore, Jay Rayner, Philippe Sands, Janet Suzman and Zoe Wanamaker, will read poems, letters and speeches, stretching from the beginnings of Jewish history, right up to the present day. Prepare to be piqued and provoked, dazzled and delighted. M...