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Tuvia Tenenbom

TUVIA TENENBOM, author of three Spiegel Bestsellers in Germany and four bestsellers in Israel, is a journalist and dramatist. He holds advanced degrees in both fine arts and science and is the founder of The Jewish Theater of New York. Tuvia's articles and essays have appeared in leading Wester media, including Die Zeit of Germany, Corriere della Sera of Italy, Yedioth Ahronoth of Israel, and Forward of America. His previous books include Catch the Jew!; The Lies They Tell; Hello, Refugees!; and I Sleep in Hitler's Room. Image cr Isi Tenenbom
Catch the Jew
Who is Tuvia Tenenbom, alias Tobi the German, the Bnei Brak-born gonzo journalist who goes where others fear to tread? Everywhere Tobi ventures he encounters anti-Israel sentiment or self-hating Jews. Chaired by journalist Nick Cohen.
The Taming of the Jew
Le Monde calls Tuvia Tenenbom “a mystical provocateur”, Die Welt “Michael Moore and Borat in one”; now in The Taming of the Jew the writer and founder of the Jewish Theatre of New York turns his attention to the United Kingdom. His latest international bestseller sees him take a nap in Winston Churchill’s room, play cat-and-mouse with Jeremy Corbyn, interview Nigel Farage as a German named Tobias and look for the Loch Ness Monster. Here he...