Tom Bower

Tom Bower is an acclaimed investigative journalist and best-selling biographer, author of 24 books including Nazi Gold, and the lives of Robert Maxwell, Richard Branson, Tony Blair, Prince Charles and Jeremy Corbyn.
The Ethics of Biography
Biography is one of the great literary growth areas, reaching a huge number of readers. But how do authors deal with the scandals, rivalries, secrets and lies they may come across in the course of their work? Is it a question of publish and be damned? Or should the subject’s privacy always be respected? Tom Bower is the country’s bestselling biographer of contemporary public figures, renowned for his no-holds-barred approach. Michael Freedland has published several authoris...
Tom Bower on Jeremy Corbyn

Acclaimed investigative journalist and bestselling biographer Tom Bower, author of 24 books including the lives of Robert Maxwell, Richard Branson, Tony Blair and Prince Charles, has penetrated the shadows and myths about Jeremy Corbyn to produce, for the first time, the unvarnished truth.

The Swiss, the Nazis and the Stolen Gold

Switzerland not only financed the Nazis and refused admission to the Jewish refugees fleeing them; the country’s most senior government officials and financial institutions systematically conspired to keep billions in gold and other valuables deposited by Jews in Swiss banks or stolen by the Nazis from their rightful heirs. Tom Bower and Adam Lebor explore the infamous tale with Hella Pick.

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Boris Johnson: The Gambler
Hero or villain? Maverick or chancer? In his latest book Tom Bower, described by Tatler as “the master of the unauthorised biography”, takes on the current Prime Minister. Based on a wealth of new interviews and research, he asks what his real achievements and failures were as Mayor of London, what influence the women in his life have had and why his story is ultimately overshadowed by family secrets. Bower is in conversation with the man who succeeded Johnson as editor of The Spectator, ...