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Ferdinand Mount

Prize-winning author Ferdinand Mount has been a columnist for The Spectator, The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Times. He was formerly head of the Downing Street Policy Unit, and editor of the TLS.
Great Philosophers and Where They Went Wrong
Ferdinand Mount has long been fascinated by the great thinkers and politicians of the past two millennia. In his riveting and provocative book, Prime Movers, Mount takes us on a colourful journey, examining the ideas of twelve key savants — from Pericles to Jesus Christ, and from Adam Smith to Karl Marx. These are the people who have shaped our world — and who have inspired and provoked the author, often in equal measure. In Association with the ...
Demagogues and Philosophers
Double Bill Offer: Book for the Jewish Book Week events in Hall One and Hall Two tonight – ‘The Age of the Demagogue’ at 7pm and ‘Great Philosophers and Where They Went Wrong’ at 8.30pm – for the special price of £24. At 7pm our panel of experts on politics and economics examine why the world seems to be falling for the charms of strongman leaders, and at 8.30pm Ferdinand Mount examines some of the greatest ideas and thinkers in world history, and explain...