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Lucy Siegle

Lucy Siegle is a writer and TV presenter specialising in environmental issues, ethical shopping and lifestyles. She is an authority on the environmental and social footprint of the global fashion industry. She co-founded the Green Carpet Challenge with Livia Firth and she was the Observer and Guardian’s eco agony aunt. She is known on TV as a reporter and presenter on BBC1’s The One Show and has been reporting on the problem of single use plastic since the show began. Her book, Turning the Tide on Plastic: How Humanity (and you) Can Make Our Globe Clean Again will ignite the plastic activist in all of us.
Is Humanity in Denial?
The Holocaust never happened. The planet isn’t warming. Vaccines cause autism. All of us deny inconvenient truths sometimes, but what happens when denial becomes ‘denialism’, a systematic attempt to overturn established scholarly findings?  And how do we relate to this phenomenon in a ‘post-truth’ age? Our panellists, whose expertise covers history, contemporary culture, the law and psychotherapy, discuss the significance of phenomena such as Holocaust denial and climate change den...