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Helen Fry

Historian and biographer Helen Fry is the author of more than twenty books focusing on intelligence, prisoners of war, and the social history of the Second World War, including Spymaster: The Secret Life of Kendrick which was shortlisted for the St Ermin’s Hotel Intelligence Book Award.
The Walls have Ears
Helen Fry reveals the history of the elaborate WWII intelligence operation whereby Hitler’s generals were tricked into giving away Nazi secrets. Orchestrated by MI6 spymaster Thomas Kendrick from his headquarters at the Tower of London, German prisoners’ cells were bugged and listeners installed behind the walls to record their conversations. These prisoners were then wined and dined at stately-homes-turned-prisons to encourage talk. Helen discusses the inner workings of this stup...
Red Sea Spies

BBC journalist Raffi Berg tells the true story of Mossad’s fake holiday resort on the Red Sea, a diving centre on the Sudanese coast run by secret service operatives. It attracted tourists from all over the world. In reality the agents used it as a cover to smuggle thousands of Ethiopian Jews to Israel from behind enemy lines. Red Sea Spies is the gripping tale of a top-secret and often parlous operation.

Agent Jack: Fighting the Nazis on British Soil
June 1940: Britain is Hitler’ s next target. Some Britons are pro-Nazi, and they determine to do all they can to hasten Hitler’s arrival. Throughout WWII, Britain’s defence against the ‘enemy within’ was the unlikely figure of Eric Roberts, a former bank clerk turned MI5 agent. Codenamed Jack King, he single-handedly built a network of hundreds of British Nazi sympathisers, many of whom passed secrets to him in the mistaken belief that he was a Gestapo officer. O...
The Secret World: A History of Intelligence
Christopher Andrew, the world’s leading historian of intelligence, presents a scintillating global account of three thousand years of spying. From the ultimate Biblical spymaster, Joshua, whose extensive spy network used a brothel in Bethlehem as their base, to the tactics of Caesar, the writings of Sun Tzu, Elizabeth I’s exasperation with her spies, and the West’s failure before 9/11 to understand the role of religious extremism in driving terrorism, this is a brilliant and...