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Yoel Finkelman

Dr. Yoel Finkelman is curator of the Haim and Hanna Solomon Judaica Collection at the National Library of Israel. His book, Strictly Kosher Reading: Popular Literature and the Condition of Contemporary Orthodoxy appeared in 2011.
If All the Seas Were Ink
When she was 27, Ilana Kurshan found herself alone in Jerusalem in the wake of a painful divorce. She joined the world’s largest book club, learning daf yomi, Hebrew for ‘daily page’ of the Talmud, taking her copy wherever she went. In If All the Seas Were Ink, Ilana took us on a guided tour of the Talmud, shedding new light on its stories and offering insights into its arguments, for those already familiar with the text and those who have never encountered it. Toge...
Jewish Treasures – online event
This event takes place at 7pm – 8pm (London Time) / 9pm – 10pm (Israel Time) Rebecca Abrams, award-winning author of The Jewish Journey, presents Jewish Treasures: an exploration of the Bodleian Library’s world-class Jewish manuscripts collection. Dating back to the Bodleian’s beginning, the collections represent four centuries of collecting and a thousand years of Jewish history. In conversation with Dr. Yoel Finkelman, curator of the the worl...