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Maurice Glasman

  Maurice Glasman was born in Walthamstow in 1961 and went to Clapton Jewish Day School and JFS Comprehensive School.  He is the author of Unnecessary Suffering and one of the founding members of Blue Labour, a movement equally inspired by the Bund and Catholic Social Thought.  He is a Labour Peer and actively campaigned for Brexit on the basis that he didn’t quite fancy being ruled by the Germans again.
Brexit: the Spark that Fired Populism?
Brexit is the most divisive issue in a generation; it unleashed a rise in populism, and exposed the fault lines of a nation divided by wealth, geography and class. Will Brexit send us hurtling towards disaster or will it set the nation’s spirit free? Are Britain’s Jews likely to fare better or worse outside the EU? Our expert panel, drawn from the pro- and anti-Brexit camps, attempted to bring light to this most heated of subjects. In association with the ...