Keith Coleman

  Keith Coleman was co-editor of SASPU National, an anti-apartheid newspaper, when he was detained and interrogated in solitary confinement for 5 months. Aged 21, he was served with a 2-year banning order on his release.  He was later Executive Director of a not-for-profit organisation supporting civic associations, women’s groups and trade unions. He spent over a year in hiding during the 1985 State of Emergency. He later helped set up the ANC’s Department of Economic Policy upon its unbanning. He was a founder Trustee of the Nelson Mandela Legacy Trust in the UK. He is now CEO of Feed Algae, a start-up growing algae in the desert using only seawater, air and sunlight to make nutrient-rich food. 
The Knock on the Door: Struggling Against Apartheid
In apartheid South Africa, many desperate parents fought to rescue their children, arrested for so-called ‘anti-apartheid’ activities, from the state’s clutches. Many of these children were tortured, some were murdered; some were as young as nine years old. The Knock on the Door tells the story of the parents who fought back, and of how the anti-detention movement became part of the mass uprising that brought down apartheid. John Simpson chairs a panel with author T...