Jonathan Rosenthal

    Jonathan Rosenthal is The Economist’s London-based Africa Editor. Previously he worked at Bloomberg News in London and Johannesburg and was the mining editor of Business Report, a South African daily newspaper. Previous roles at The Economist have included international banking editor, European business and finance correspondent, based in Berlin, and British business correspondent in London. In 2008, Jonathan won the Feature of the Year award at the WorkWorld Media Awards, and in 2009 was named Reporter of the Year. He has appeared on television and radio including BBC News 24, Sky and on ITV’s Tonight programme.
The Knock on the Door: Struggling Against Apartheid
In apartheid South Africa, many desperate parents fought to rescue their children, arrested for so-called ‘anti-apartheid’ activities, from the state’s clutches. Many of these children were tortured, some were murdered; some were as young as nine years old. The Knock on the Door tells the story of the parents who fought back, and of how the anti-detention movement became part of the mass uprising that brought down apartheid. John Simpson chairs a panel with author T...