Joshua Rozenberg

Joshua Rozenberg QC is Britain’s best known commentator on the law. He presents BBC Radio 4’s Law in Action and writes regularly for the Law Society Gazette.

Major Farran’s Hat
David Cesarani discussed his groundbreaking new book about the brutal murder of Jewish activist Alexander Rubowitz in Palestine in May 1947. Reading like a heady mix of true crime and polemical narrative history, Major Farran’s Hat investigates a shady murder mystery of violence, cover ups and expediency that throws light on Britain’s legacy in the Middle East – a cautionary tale with remarkable and troubling resonance for us all. A fascinating exploration of J...
Five Ideas To Fight For
Five Ideas to Fight For is a revealing account of the tortuous struggles to secure the establishment of our rights and freedoms in law. Anthony Lester was at the heart of the 30-year campaign that resulted in the Human Rights Act in 1998, as well as the battle to eradicate iniquities in race and gender that led to the Equality Act of 2010. A fierce argument for why we must be tenacious in fighting to protect the survival of the ideals that enable us to live freely. Anthony Lester debat...
Making a Noise

Journalist, broadcaster, and commanding figure in the arts, John Tusa has had a career fighting for – and winning victories – for the UK’s cultural and critical output. From the battle to create Newsnight in 1979, to standing up publicly for the independence of the BBC, to spearheading the recovery of the Barbican Centre. This is a fascinating romp through 60 years of making friends and, sometimes, enemies at the heart of British arts and media.

Reckonings: Who Cares About Bringing Nazis to Justice?
Eli Rosenbaum of the US Justice Department has been described as ‘the world’s most successful Nazi hunter’. However, Professor Mary Fulbrook, in her new book, Reckonings, argues that the vast majority of Nazi perpetrators have evaded responsibility for their crimes. Seventy years after the Nuremberg Trials, Joshua Rozenberg chaired a panel discussion to explore whether justice has, or ever could have, been done. Sponsored by Ali and Avi Goldberg  ...