Dominic Selwood

Dominic Selwood is a historian, journalist and barrister. He is a bestselling author and novelist, and frequent contributor to national newspapers, radio and TV including the Telegraph, the Independent, the Spectator, the Catholic Herald, Sky News, and the BBC. He has a doctorate in history from the University of Oxford and a masters from the Sorbonne. He is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and the Society of Antiquaries. He lives in London with his family. @DominicSelwood
What Have the Plantagenets Ever Done for Us?

The 11th and 12th centuries, from William the Bastard’s conquest in 1066 to the death of Henry II in 1189, have been described as a golden age for Anglo-Jewry. For over a century they were protected as ‘the King’s Jews’, flourishing both intellectually and economically. Their international connections and intellectual tradition placed them at the centre of an explosion of learning in Europe. But was it really so good for the Jews?

Virtual Event – Medieval England and the Jews
Trace the history of Jews in England from 1066 and throughout the medieval period. This is a live online event. Bookers will be sent a link in advance giving access.  The Jews first came to England in 1066 with William the Conqueror. The Norman kings and Henry II valued their financial contribution to the crown and ‘All Jews [were] under the King’s protection…’. But after...
Cities of Strangers
In her latest book Miri Rubin illuminates life in European towns and cities for both the settled population and the newcomers who joined them between 1000 and 1500 AD. Some city-states enjoyed considerable autonomy and invited groups from afar, as well as professionals such as physicians, notaries and judges to settle and help produce good urban living. But this benign cycle began to break down after regular occurrences of the plague from 1350. She will be in conversation wit...
Anatomy of a Nation
Best-selling author, novelist, historian and barrister Dominic Selwood investigates Britain’s identities from 950,000 BC to the present, examining 50 documents that tell the story of what makes Britain unique, from medieval folk music to Hitler’s kill list of prominent Britons. From an obscure outpost on the fringes of the Roman world to history’s largest empire and originator of the world’s magpie language – this is Britain’s past. Among the many peoples who have...