Yair Qedar

My Memories After Death

The most popular Israeli journalist presented his latest book, a posthumous memoir of his father, the much loved and controversial politician Tommy Lapid. He also told Rachel Shabi of his vision for Israel and the part he may play in the future.

Film Double-Bill: Lea Goldberg and Yona Wallach
Israeli filmmaker Yair Qedar comes to Jewish Book Week for the UK premiere of two documentaries, The Five Houses of Lea Goldberg (2011) and The Seven Tapes (2012). The films are dedicated to the work and lives of two of IsraelÕs best-loved poets, Lea Goldberg and Yona Wallach. QedarÕs lyrical approach matches the magical and innovative use of language that characterised both his subjects. For lovers of film and poetry alike. 18.30 Part 1 The Five Houses of Lea Goldberg 19.30 I...