Anna Nyburg

Anna Nyburg is an Honorary Lecturer at Imperial College London where she taught German, French and Italian for thirty years. Based on her PhD, her book Émigrés: The Transformation of Art Publishing in Britain was published by Phaidon in 2014. She is a committee member of the Research Centre for German and Austrian Exile Studies and in 2017, with director Robert Sternberg, produced the film Refuge Britain: Stories of Emigré Designers. She has contributed essays on the émigré designers and publishers to the Insiders/Outsiders anthology.

Insiders / Outsiders
Insiders / Outsiders examines the extraordinarily rich contribution of refugees from Nazi-dominated Europe to the visual culture, art education and art-world structures of the United Kingdom. In every field, emigres arriving from Europe in the 1930s introduced a professionalism, internationalism and bold avant-gardism to a British art world not known for these attributes. At a time when the issue of immigration is much debated, Insiders / Outsiders serves as a remi...