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Daniel Glaser

Daniel Glaser is a neuroscientist, currently Director of the Science Gallery at King’s College, London. He was previously Head of Engaging Science at the Wellcome Trust and was a 2014 judge of the Man Booker Prize.
Religion and Science
The Great Partnership: God, Science and the Search for Meaning by Jonathan Sacks was the starting point for a conversation between the Chief Rabbi and mathematician Marcus du Sautoy, chaired by Daniel Glaser. They explored the sometimes fraught relationship between religion and science in different cultures but more specifically discussed belief and scepticism, open-mindedness and intolerance to the challenge of the other or the unknown. The Chief Rabbi and the atheist mathematician found the...
The challenges of ageing

The quest for an elixir of youth is never-ending. Yet there are surprising predictors linked to longer and more enjoyable lives: how much one earns, how healthy one is and how one spends one’s time. Neuroscientist Daniel Glaser discusses the joys and injustices of growing old with health equity expert Michael Marmot and the authors of two new books on ageing, Lynne Segal and Anne Karpf.

Going behind Closed Doors: Judging Book Prizes
Book prizes are almost as commonplace as book festivals. Shortlisted authors enjoy exposure and prestige and the winner tops it all with a substantial reward. But how are decisions actually reached? This event brings together literary award judges to disclose the inner secrets of book prize panels. Lisa Appignanesi, Natalie Haynes, Sam Leith and Erica Wagner will be held in check by neuroscientist Daniel Glaser...
A Day in the Life of the Brain
Baroness Susan Greenfield outlines her profound yet straightforward theory about how each of us experiences and evolves an entirely personal view of the world. In this astute analysis of how consciousness works, she traces a single day in the life of the brain, exploring subjectivity, the act of dreaming, the shift from sleep to full consciousness, sensitivity to colour, the laying down of memory, the qualities of a creative mind and even the mental effects of dementia and depression. With ne...
24/7: The Life of a Junior Doctor

Junior doctors turned best-selling authors, Rachel Clarke and Adam Kay, offer poignant, honest – at times hilarious – accounts of their experiences as NHS medics.
Rachel Clarke, who now works in end-of-life care, tells of her ongoing passion for a health service imperilled by bureaucratic cock-ups, while award-winning writer and performer Adam Kay, who has had a career change, hurtles from comedy to tragedy in his stunning exposé of the topsy-turvy world of the junior doctor.