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Natalie Haynes

Natalie Haynes is a writer, broadcaster and comedian. She is a regular guest contributor to The Independent and author of The Ancient Guide to Modern Life and a recently-published novel, The Amber Fury.
Going behind Closed Doors: Judging Book Prizes
Book prizes are almost as commonplace as book festivals. Shortlisted authors enjoy exposure and prestige and the winner tops it all with a substantial reward. But how are decisions actually reached? This event brings together literary award judges to disclose the inner secrets of book prize panels. Lisa Appignanesi, Natalie Haynes, Sam Leith and Erica Wagner will be held in check by neuroscientist Daniel Glaser...
Natalie Haynes: Stand Up for the Classics Natalie Haynes

Fêted comedian, broadcaster and writer Natalie Haynes takes you on a whistle-stop tour of Ancient Greece and Rome. If you’ve ever wondered what Julius Caesar’s last words really were, how Sophocles invented the murder mystery, or why Jewish historian Josephus gave his name to a maths puzzle, this is the talk for you.